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Introduction of RA8875 Controller

 RA8875 is a text/graphic mixed display with 2 layers TFT LCD controller. It is designed to meet the 
requirement of middle size TFT module up to 800x480 pixels with characters or 2D graphic application. 
Embedded 768KB display RAM provides user a flexible solution for displaying buffer of almost application. 
Besides, optional external serial flash is capable to provide the up to 32x32pixels font bitmap for BIG5/GB 
coding. For graphic usage, RA8875 supports a 2D Block Transfer Engine(BTE) that is compatible with 2D 
BitBLT function for processing the mass data transfer. The advanced geometric speed-up engine provides 
user an easy way to draw the programmable geometric shape by hardware, like line, square, circle and ellipse. 
Besides, for different end-user applications, many powerful functions are integrated with RA8875, such as 
scroll function, floating window display, graphic pattern and font enlargement function. These functions will 
save user a large of software effort during development period. 
RA8875 is a powerful and cheap choice for color display application. To reduce the system cost, RA8875 
provides low cost and easy-to-use 8080/6800 parallel MCU interface. Because of the powerful hardware 
speed-up function embedded in it, less data transfer is needed so more efficiency is improved, RA8875 also 
provides serial SPI/I2C I/F with ultra-low pin-count. Useful device controller, such as flexible 4-wire touch panel 
controller, PWM for adjusting panel back-light are also included to reduce the system cost for customer. With 
the RA8875 design-in, user can achieve an easy-to-use, low-cost and high performance system comparing 
with the other solution.